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Spiral duct compares with rectangular duct

The trend of HVAC duct is the spiral duct. More and more companies now choose the advanced technology spiral duct.

The spiral duct has the advantages as below

1. Excellent air tightness.
The spiral ducts greatly reduce the connections of ducts, and minimize the leakage between connections, the typical spiral duct is 3 to 6 meters, but the typical rectangular duct is only 1 to 1.5 meters; At the same time, to connect two spiral ducts only need a connecter, but the typical rectangular ducts connection need separated double flange systems.

2. Standardized Products.
The production of the spare parts(tubes and connections) is highly automatic and systematic, and has the industrialized quality control.

3. Low installation cost.
The installation of round duct requires only one third time of similar rectangular duct.

4. Save space.
In the case of same pressure, under the same install space, the diameter 200mm spiral duct can take place of the 250x150mm rectangular duct.
Several spiral ducts can take place of the wider rectangular duct without increasing the install space.
Considering every factors, in most cases, the space that the spiral ducts required is less than the rectangular ducts. Under the same pressure, several spiral ducts’ installation space equals or less than a rectangular duct. Most rectangular ducting system needs 4 bolts to hold, so that will increase 40~80mm in each directions.

5. Drop of pressure is lower.
So far as we know, the spiral duct has lower ventilative resistance than rectangular duct.

6. The precision locking technology.
The moulds on the spiral duct machines is special steel, even after years of using, the surface still constant, and make the spiral duct surface without scratch, which provides extended life.

7. With the same section area, the rectangular duct with length width ratio 1:3 has a girth 40% much more than the spiral duct, that means the spiral duct an save more material, and also less insulation will be used.

8. The pipeline layout is graceful. The pipeline is part of the modem buildings, when the pipe line must be visible, the spiral duct can be the best choice.

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