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spiral tubefomer

ST80 has the largest diameter range from 80mm to 1600mm, and use the special steel tape molds, which can reduce the molds cost heavily. Also the automatic cutting system can easily set any length to cut and has the reliable performance. The most economy type, and easy for you to start a new business.

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fixed molds

ST150 use the fixed molds, applies the latest flying slitter, which cuts the tube to length without noise or hot sparks as known from the saw blade and provides smooth tube ends without deburring. More professional and suitable machine for heavy duty work.

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aluminum flexible

Aluminum tube is widely used in the kitchen, bathroom, air condition venting and HVAC system. The stainless steel wire inside can hold the flexible tube in shape and make the tube flexible. The flexible tube can be used in central air conditioning system for air supply and heating or cooling.

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Hydraulic Press Brake

J&K Press Brakes are highly productive, precise, easy to handel. Based on years of expericen on metal processing, JK offers qualified Hydraulic Press Brakes for thousands of customers. he tonage range from 40 Tons to 800 Tons, no matter you will processing the 0.4mm painted steel or 16 mm carbon steel, our machine will give you the best solution

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Hydraulic Shear

the latest hydraulic shears Hydraulic Shears

Aluminum Corrugated

compact frame aluminum foil corrugated
Aluminum Flexible
latest flexible machine Aluminum flexible
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About Our Company

We focus on the improvement of indoor air quality for home and industry. Our propose is to help you start the air ducting system for the dust collecting, air cleaning, heating and cooling.
We are the company when you are going to start a ducting shop, we are professional in the spiral tubeformer for making the spiral air duct, the aluminum flexible tubeformer to make the flexible aluminum duct.
When it comes to solutions concerning ventilation system, we are a reliable company you can rely on.

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What can we do?

With our machine, you can make the spiral duct, aluminum flexible duct

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