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Aluminum Flexible Duct Machine AFT2

Aluminum flexible duct can be widely used in HVAC systems like air conditioner and kitchen ventilator, also the bathrooms etc. The stainless steel wire inside can hold the flexible duct in shape and make the duct flexible.
The new designed flexible duct machine has a compact form and tiny oven. Easier for transport.And the glue motor driven rolling system can save glue in big amount.
The raw material is aluminum polyster tape (Aluminum + PET + Aluminum).
1 Compact and Smart
2 Motor driven rolling glue system
3 Economic type
More details
Technical Data
Model AFT2
Tube Diameter 50~750mm(2"~30")
Aluminum Foil Thickness 0.20~0.5mm
Stainless Steel Wire Dia. 0.08~0.20mm
Raw Material Single or Double layer aluminum composite(Alu.+PET+Alu.)
Strip width 45~60mm
Ducting Speed 4 meters per minite (10" diameter)
Main Power 1.5KW
Oven Heating Power 300W
Dimension 1200*550*600mm
Weight 120Kg

The aluminum flexible duct made by AFT2

aluminum flexible tube

Aluminum Flexible Duct Machine AFT2 can make kinds of flexible duct, 
1. The Aluminum Flexible Duct only contains aluminum composit foil and spring wire, this duct is widely used in ventilation system.
2. The Aluminum Flexible Duct with insulation, which is wrapped in a thick blanket of fiberglass insulation and a durable fiber textile barrier.
3. The Aluminum Flexible Duct with polyester. A double lamination of tough polyester which encapsulates a steel wire helix forms the air-tight inner core.

The aluminum flexible duct technical data.

Item Test results
Diameter range 75~300mm
Temperature Limit -30℃~140℃
Max. Air Flow Rate 30m/s
Max. Air Pressure 2500pa

Questions & Anwsers

  1. What is the raw material for producing the aluminum flexible duct? -- The raw material could be aluminum laminated foil (Pure Aluminum & Polyester ), or metalized PET, Polyester Film.
  2. How much the raw material cost for 1 meter duct? -- That question is complicated, as the raw material cost is related to so many reasons. Like the diameter, the raw material width, thickness, etc. Contact for more details.
  3. What is the compressing ratio? -- That is also related by many reasons, But the average compressing ratio is from 12:1~18:1.
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