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Aluminum Duct Machine
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Automatic Aluminum Duct Machine

The fully automatic aluminum duct machine, with auto cutting, auto compressing is available. The fixed moulds design make sure the size and easy changeable. The aluminum duct can easily compressed and strached, and the aluminum duct can change its shape and keep it.
1 Fixed molds fast changing
2 4 / 7 corrugations
3 Helical tooth / Straight tooth lock
4 Enhanced rollers for Alu. and S.S
5 Automatic Cutting Cut to length
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Technical Data
Model ACT1-A
Tube Diameter 75-300mm(3"~24")
Aluminum Foil Thickness 0.06~0.15mm
Strip Width 35~60mm
Feeding Speed 45m/min
Corrugation number 7 (4 on request)
Cutting system Saw Blade
Main Power 1.5KW
Dimension 1200*1100*1200mm
Weight 300Kg

The automatic cutting system has a saw blade, the cutting lift apparatus and the duct length detector.

aluminum duct auto cutter

Click to see the automatic cutting video

The touch screen has the function to set the different diameter, set the product quantity and the aluminum duct machien will start to work until all the set number of ducts finished, this will help the operator to control lots of machines at the same time.

touch screen

The enhenced 7 sets of rollers can make sure the aluminum strip into the right forming shape.

enhenced rollers

The larger diameter aluminum duct for ventilation, which diameter is around 300mm, the high flux ventilation duct.

aluminum duct for ventilation

The aluminum currugated duct made by automatic aluminum duct machine ACT-1A.

aluminum wounded duct

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