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Seam Welding Machine

In order to make the elbow, endcap seam welding machine is widely used for the sheet welding work. The seam welding machine can weld the sheet without welding stick.
The main transformer is made of high-quality silicon steel sheet, and the mandatory water-cooling system can increase the out-put power as well as reducing the loss. 1 meter long all cooper welding arm can do the large tube welding job.
1 No welding wire
2 Seam / stitch welding
3 Large cooling box
4 1 meter copper welding arm

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Technical Data
Model FN35 FN50 FN75 FN100 FN125
Rated Capacity(KVA) 35 50 75 100 125
Welding Capacity 1+1 1.5+1.5 2+2 2.5+2.5 3+3
Welding Speed 0.8~3.2m/min
Weight 470Kg 500Kg 620Kg 720Kg 810Kg
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